About Us

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About ElectricALL

Callum started his interest in ALL things electrical at the tender age of 5… when he cut the plug off his Christmas tree lights…with scissors, while they were plugged in!!

Callum still loves to see how things work but he now knows to turn the electricity off first!

With the help of his first mentor Bill Hermiston and his wife Dorothy Callum went to college to train as a qualified Electrician.  

When Bill retired in 2011 Callum, as a newlywed, started his own business trading as ElectricALL.  He chose this name as he covers ALL your electrical needs.

Meet The Rowley Team

Callum ROwley

Callum has run his own business since his mentor and boss, Bill Hermiston, retired in 2011.  He has worked as an electrician for over a decade under the expert guidance of Bill and then trading as ElectricALL.  Callum completed his qualifications at Stevenson College and continues to learn attending industry training and maintaining his qualifications.

Callum is originally from Gorebridge and now lives in Mayfield with his wife and four children.   He is an avid fan of comedy and is a night owl.


Catriona Rowley

Catriona helps Callum run ElectricALL.  She has trained as a Dancer and Dance Teacher, and attended university to study BA Events Management and then a PGDE in Primary Teaching.  Catriona aka Cat closed her dance school during lockdown and started working as a Virtual Assistant. She is now turning her skills into a business to help entrepreneurs learn how to use the tech needed for their online business. 

Catriona is from Edinburgh but has also lived in Glasgow and Macduff!  She is also a night owl.

Rachel, Abigail, Robert and Alexander

Callum and Catriona have four beautiful children and that’s what it’s all about.  The oldest three are in school and Alexander has started nursery. 

They take after their mum and attend dance classes. They love being ourdoors and are often found collecting sticks for building!

This adorable quad are always up to crazy things and you can see the latest news on ElectricALL’s facebook page.